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Wonderful and weird wedding proposals (that totally worked!)

If there’s one thing we love, it’s a good proposal story. Now, we really love an intimate, meaningful, and sweet proposal, but sometimes you just want to hear a neat story of geeky, wonderful, and weird wedding proposals.


Let’s go down the rabbit hole of geeky, romantic, and wonderfully weird wedding proposals.


With the help of Harry Potter



How could any Harry Potter fan refuse this proposal??  the ring was hidden inside a golden snitch!

We spied a golden snitch ring box right here.



With the help of Mario


If Harry Potter isn’t your love guru, could the 8-bit plumber be the one? If you’re this geeky couple, it was just the right setting.


Will you be my player 2?


Another way Mario can help!



Hidden in a custom mug


Nothing says a better mood for agreeing to marry someone than to propose after a  cuppa. A well-caffeinated person is a happy person.





Enlist the cast of The Next Generation


With a good portion of the cast of Star Trek the Next Generation looking on at Austin’s Wizard World comic-con, this dude got on one knee. Apparently the groom said, “I love Star Trek, but I love her more.” Our nerdy hearts beat wildly.





A meme-tastic proposal


Redditor SirTechnocracy’s proposed to his girlfriend on Reddit itself with artwork commissioned through deviantART users with a lot of geek culture and internet meme references. She naturally responded with her own meme.


meme-proposal 0j8wqp2



QR code will save us


Secret codes take on a 21st century vibe with a QR code that will ask your partner to marry you. So nerdy, so awesome.




Triple word score engagement


Your bibliophile wordsmith partner will give you the best score ever with this proposal.





Cinephiles unite!


This one appeals to the movie-goer in me. Plus, all that planning makes it so awesome! This guy proposed with all of the movie stubs from the films they’d seen together.




On the log ride


This one’s an oldie but a goodie. The fun part is that you can get your friends (or a few willing log ride mates) to help and your partner won’t know it’s happening until they see the photo at the end.






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