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Football Themed



I am off to Wembley today for an extremely important game of football that only happens once a year.  As much as my love for the beautiful game is important to me I never thought I would be writing a wedding blog post about football, but here you go……

Some ideas for your football themed wedding –


Vintage match of the day themed invitations




Modern football ticket invite



Both the invitations from wedfest


Man Utd Table Plan from Brambles weddings  oh and one including some other team………..




Table plan from 2 other red team from the pretty in print company



Sterling Silver Football/Soccer Themed Men’s Wedding Band  from  Mark Silverstein Imagines





Football themed cake topper by cakes by kim nevels


2011-11-11 Ryan Schmeckpepper wedding 010

I love this cake! Not in a Chelsea design of course but in a United one.  If I ever renew my vows I will be asking pauls creative cakes to make me one! And it would be me in the football kit not the groom!


A few ideas for photos of your wedding day involving football


I am not quite sure what I think of this for many reasons! A wedding dress made out of old football shirts – is extremely unique and uncommon and very industrious – BUT the choice of football team is something I cannot believe I am posting but I just had to!


Lets hope for the right result today! Come on United!!!

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