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How to make your big day go smoothly


Wedding hacks to make your big day a breeze

I love life hacks. I’m a bit obsessed by them.  From Adding half a cup of mouthwash to your washing machine to clean and disinfect it, putting newspaper in your trainers to remove odours, to freezing yoghurt pots to make healthy ice pops for summer.


Here are my go to wedding hacks:-

Make a seating chart in a flash with colour-coded sticky notes



This genius trick can save you a ton of time, stress, and grief. Number all of your RSVP cards prior to mailing them out and keep an Excel file with corresponding names.  So even if you get a response that’s unreadable or missing a name, you’ll still know who sent it.


Veil weights are a bride’s best friend on a windy day.


Heel protectors keep heels from sinking into the mud


Strapless dress? Extra low back? Have a seamstress sew your bra into your gown and you’ll feel extra secure.


Whether it is your maid of honour or a bridesmaid, make sure that someone carries your wedding day necessities with them at all times. Keep extra hair pins, a mini can of hairspray, a needle and thread, lip colour, safety pins, and plasters on reserve to squash any emergency moments in a flash.


 It’s imperative to bring a pair of flats to the reception. Because you’ll be on your feet for the majority of the day—walking down the aisle, standing for pictures, greeting guests—your feet will most likely be double their usual size by dinner time. Keep the party alive by remembering a pair of flats. Your tender tootsies will thank you.


Instead of hounding your family and friends to send you pictures of your wedding while you’re waiting for the ones from the professionals, get them to use a specific Wedding hashtag every time they post photos on social media. This way, all of the pictures will be in one, organised place so you and your partner can easily gawk at them.


Need a quick fix just in case waterworks start flowing at the altar? A bouquet is the perfect spot to discretely tuck some tissues. No one will know it’s there, but we promise you’ll be happy it is when the tears start trickling out.


Because your day will be jam-packed with friends and family, you probably won’t be able to enjoy a few minutes alone with your new life partner. We love the idea of the bride and groom taking off alone after the ceremony so that they can bask in their new married life…even if only for five minutes.


It is important to remember that regardless of how much you prep, there may still be a few glitches on your big day. Don’t sweat it! Your day is going to be perfect whether or not the limo comes five minutes late or your centrepieces are the wrong shade of pink. At the end of the night, look around and see all of your friends and family who are there to support your new life with your partner—and remember, that’s what matters most.

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