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Wedding Stress reliever


Wedding Colouring

Over the last 2 years I have got quite into colouring and have a huge selection of colouring books including the mindfulness colouring book, dream cities and the can’t sleep colouring book.

It was my husbands birthday this week and the doggies decided to get him into the craze too (Yes I know they are doggies but they like buying presents) and bought the game of thrones, star wars and my personal favourite from Modern Toss the mindless violence colouring book.

What has this got to do with weddings? I hear you shout.  Well, there is nothing more stressful than planning a wedding and when things get too much colouring is a great stress reliever.  Now the wonderful peeps at BuzzFeed have created a free colouring set which you can download here


A few examples of what you can colour

sub-buzz-7351-1464374906-1 sub-buzz-5930-1464375115-2 sub-buzz-7351-1464374906-1

Just brilliant – I know what I am going to be doing today!!

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