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Wonderful, but completely unexpected wedding day moments!


unexpectedly amazing moments on your wedding day

Everyone knows that your wedding vows and first dance will be amazing, but what else can you look forward to on your wedding day? Be prepared to shed more than a few tears of joy at these unexpectedly awesome wedding day moments.

Putting on your dress
You’ll calmly go through the steps of the morning (breakfast, hair, make-up), but before you know it you’ll be slipping on that white dress and everything will suddenly feel very real. OMG it’s actually happening – deep breaths now.

Your bridesmaids helping you every step of the way
From keeping your nerves in check in the morning to helping you drunkenly re-apply your lipstick at 10pm – you’ll be touched by how amazingly attentive your bridesmaids are and just how wonderful they really are.

Your in laws
You’re probably expecting to have some special moments with your own parents, but get ready for some with your in-laws too! One of them will officially welcome you to the family and you’ll feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Seeing all your DIY come together
You’ve been stressing about it for months and suffered many a Pinterest-fail, but nothing will prepare for how incredible your reception room looks and how all your hard work came together in the end.

Your grandparents giving you their best wishes
Every bride and groom remarks on how amazing it is to have everyone they love in one room and that becomes even more special when elderly relatives dress up in all their finery and make the journey to see you and give you the biggest hug of the day. Just so lovely.

The dancing
There comes a point in every wedding when it stops being all about you (after the vows, the speeches, the first dance etc.) and it’s just about everyone having a really good time. So what are you waiting for? Time to ditch those heels and bust some moves on the dance floor.

When it hits you
You’ll fall into bed at around 1am with champers and adrenalin still buzzing through you and you’ll look at your other half and realise – you’re actually married. Like properly married – and it feels frickin’ awesome!

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