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Unexpected wedding trends 2016 part 2

Here is the second part of the post that I did a week or so ago following on from such uncommon trends as the 2 in 1 wedding dress…


Metallic palettes are BIGGER than ever. Gold, silver and copper have become popular mixed in with pastel shades

Adding metallic touches including foil accents to invitations, shoes, cakes and decor has definitely caught my eye.

8ca4f692-331a-43ca-9d10-9ccd8148cfe3-rs_768 ec0697e7f303e3cd4df2d21a7e7673a1 metallic-wedding Southern-weddings-champagne-bridesmaid-dresses3 metallic-wedding-theme-main wedding-invitations-2012-gold-silver-letterpress__full-carousel c-metallic-orange-county-wedding-17 2_metallic-wedding-dress Heavy-Metal-Main-Image

Share a highlights video

25% of all weddings now are destination weddings.  Getting a highlights video is the best way of sharing your wedding with families and friends that could not attend and with those that did. A shorter video is much more watchable for your friends and family than your 2 hour one!

Wedding cakes with image projections

My husband loved this one in-particular as it has a digital twist to it.  This emerging trend uses video projection mapping which allows lighted images to be projected on and around the cake.

Pre –  booked song requests

Couples are asking their guests for their favourite songs to dance to as part of the invitation.  I love the idea but it wouldn’t have worked for my husband and I – we gave a request list to our DJ at the wedding who said it was enough for 4 evening receptions! whoops!

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Make your exit part of the entertainment

Grand exits for newlyweds are on the rise and couples are making it part of the entertainment.  How about exit to a line of sparklers? Ride off into the sunset in a classic car? or how about a vespa?



Using flowers in non traditional ways

Flowers are not just for bouquets, button holes or centre pieces.  More and more brides are opting for painted floral dresses and 3d floral appliques embellishments.

Floral-Wedding-Dressb floralprintgown_7 Floral-Wedding-Dress-inspiration2 Suzanne-14 9207003e7577ef2ff9f0eb50f5e80b2a angel-sanchez-wedding-dresses-spring-2016-011 leila-hafzi-wedding-dresses-spring-2016-003

Satellite bars

One drink is never enough is it? Now brides and grooms are saying one bar is not enough! How about a satellite (second) bar just with cocktails? or one for wine tasting? I’m sold on that one!

5da0dbe627afbd7481d73ed9f7894713 Wedding-Cocktail-Bar-Tips-and-hints Wedding-cocktail-bar-Green-Wedding-Shoes-636x270 timthumb whiskey-bar-1

Specialised wedding concierges

As couples have busier lives more are hiring specialist wedding concierges – I have heard of couples hiring professional brides maids for hire (seriously!) social media wedding management, and ring bearer training services for doggies.

I can certainly help with the social media aspect or anything else that you may want some help with so drop me a line.  I admit the dog training would be beyond me as my doggies aren’t the best behaved!

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