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Unexpected wedding trends 2016 part 1

I decided to split this post as I just loved it! There are so many posts on the internet about trends for each year, what’s hot and what’s not.  Rather than do a bog standard what’s on trend, I decided to do some research on unusual and unexpected trends for 2016 just as we were half way through the year!

So here it goes……..

2 in 1 Dresses aka convertible dresses

Some brides have 2 dresses one for the day and one for the evening.  That as you can imagine is an expensive thing.  So why not a 2 in 1 dress rather than having to pay out for another 1? Being able to dance all night and not worry about the marks that appear on your train as you have gone for a shorter version – Epic

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Grandmothers as flower girls

A fun trend that I have noticed is of grandmothers appearing as a flower girl with the bridal party.  Grandmothers tossing petals and confetti make for fun wedding photos and honey the matriarchs place in the wedding.

11FIELD3-blog427-v2 Ruffled - photo by - 1410296186504_wps_13_When_Laura_VanPelt_mulled flower-girls__large grandma-bridesmaid-89-years-old-nana-betty-5


selfie sticks as portable photo booths

Props in photo booths are big business but I have noticed more and more them becoming portable – its time to take the fun of the photo booth outside.  Selfie sticks are ideal for this – and in fact much more cost effective.

2015-05-06-1430939964-2313737-6 owesul4h Bravo-Wedding-Selfie-025 19476a20fbd73271aa70ff460d060ae4


personalised wedding websites

wedding websites are common place in 2016.  However engaged couples are hiring web designers to produce one so that it is unique, uncommon and personalised to themselves

Screen-Shot-Qaween-1024x769 squarespace-wedding-website-2 26 Wedding-Website

Uncommon weddings can help with your website – drop us a line to discuss your requirements


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