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Thrifty wedding advice for the perfect wedding band

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Sometimes brides and grooms to be forget how important the wedding rings are.  There are only two things that you are left with at the end of your wedding day – Rings and photographs and you wear your wedding ring every day.

To me, there is nothing worse than hearing someone say- ‘I ran out of budget so popped to Argos.’ Oh, I beg you not to. In this post I am going to guide you through purchasing the perfect wedding band.



First things first, budget for the rings right from the start and get in their early. Secure the bands and have them sized nearer the time but if you get the job done then you know you have paid for them and sorted them.


The metal matters

What metal is the engagement ring? So, this is a biggy. If your engagement ring is white gold you cannot go out and purchase a platinum ring because the rings will rub together and wear down at different rates. Secondly, the finishes change as you wear them over time so they will look different. Have you checked the metal of your ring? Even if someone sold it to you as platinum have you checked? It is super easy to do. On the inside if it is platinum the hallmark will be: Pt or 950 or similar. If it is 18ct gold it will say 750. This may sound silly but I have a friend who was sold a platinum engagement ring and turns out- it wasn’t. So do check.


Yellow Gold

Match the yellow gold colour with your current ring. Check your ring is 18ct or 9ct- 18ct is better but either way it is best to match them up


White gold

this is yellow gold which has been rhodium plated. You will need to get the rings re-plated at times. It isn’t much, like £30 but is something to consider. Get your engagement ring done just before the day and it will look stunning. When you buy the bands say- “Yes we will go for these if you offer to re-rhodium plate my engagement ring before my big day.” They will totally go for it and some offer it for free anyway if you are purchasing your bands from them. There are loads of jewellers and they all want you to buy their rings- it costs them peanuts to do it.



This will add on around £500 to the cost of your ring. Why? Well little fact- there is only enough Platinum in the world to fill an Olympic size swimming pool so it is pricier. But your ring will scuff over time and simply need polishing.  Platinum is the ultimate metal choice. No need to rhodium plate- it simply becomes matt over time. Perfect for men who use their hands for work- tree surgeons, on-site workers etc. (and for me!!)



A lighter metal but although cheaper, be warned it scratches and not gracefully. Don’t be told otherwise.


Engagement Ring

Pick a ring which sits well with the engagement ring. I would always advise taking in your ring and trying them on. Sometimes it’s tricky because they are too big or small but you get the idea when you are there. Some people have wedding bands made around their engagement ring. I had my wedding and engagement ring combined into one – do whatever you prefer!




Starting at 2mm and going right up to 20mm. Every mm counts to the look on your finger. For grooms too wide and it can make the finger look a little shorter. Too thin and it can look too feminine.

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D-shaped- flatter and court- comfier and rounded on the inside.

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Light, medium and heavy. The difference is minimal but makes a huge difference to the weight of the ring and alters the price.


The list could go on but these are the main issues to consider. The best thing to do is shop around and go to a jewellers you trust. The experience of buying a ring should be a lovely one. Almost romantic feeling. I personally urge you to go to more independent jewellers. The price isn’t that different and the service you get will be slightly beyond what the bigger retailers can physically offer.

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Or even better go to a wedding ring designer and design your own (Which was what I did)

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Thrifty Tip

Always, always look in second hand jewellers. You can get the most stunning rings at the thriftiest prices.

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