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things you need to know about wedding dress shopping

Choosing your perfect wedding dress is a pretty big deal, right? It can be exciting, emotional and a little bit daunting!

But fear not ladies, we are here to help. Follow our five essential tips for wedding dress shopping, and it’ll be a breeze…


Be Open Minded

Now we’re pretty sure that you’ve already created a Pinterest board brimming with beautiful wedding gowns. You’ve probably already got a style in mind, whether that’s a fishtail gown or a two-piece ensemble. However, we recommend being completely open minded when it comes to finding ‘The One’. Although you might love a certain design, you may find that it doesn’t suit your body at all. Try on an array of different shapes and styles, and you’re guaranteed to find the perfect gown that is made for you!

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Set A Budget

Before you even consider going wedding dress shopping, it’s vital that you set a budget for your bridal look. And don’t try on dresses that are above this budget – it’ll only dampen your mood if you know you can’t afford it! Stick to dresses within your price range, and don’t forget to factor in accessories such as your wedding shoes and veil etc.


Move It!

Make sure you can actually move in your dress and that you’re 100% comfortable. Test out walking around in the shop in your dream dress, sitting down and even having a little dance! You don’t want to find out when it’s too late, and be restricted in what you can do.

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Under Pressure

We suggest taking a small entourage with you when you go wedding dress shopping. Two or three close friends and family will definitely be enough. Too many opinions can create unwanted stress and you’re likely to feel flustered about the dress! Also, make sure that you feel completely comfortable in your dress – if you have to be reassured, it may not be the right dress. When you’ve found ‘The One’, you’ll know about it!

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Enjoy Wedding Dress Shopping

Although it can sometimes be slightly stressful, the main thing is to enjoy the wedding dress shopping experience. Fingers crossed you’re only going to do it once, so relax and have fun finding the perfect dress. You know you’re going to look and feel stunning, and your new hubby is going be blown away. Don’t let the little things bother you – the main thing is that you’re going to get married!


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