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It's not all about the bride


Things grooms must not forget when getting married

It’s not all about the bride. Here are the key things for a groom to remember on his wedding day…


So, you’re about to be married, Congratulations! Any groom-to-be will be likely to be feeling a mixture of excitement and nerves before the big day. Whether you don’t like being the centre of attention or you’re worried you will get tongue-twisted with your vows, being well prepared and thinking ahead will help you to stay in control on your wedding day.

Grooms-to-be, these top tips are for you.

1. Sleep
Try not to worry about getting in enough sleep the night before your wedding. The pressure is likely to have a reverse effect. Instead, two weeks before the big day, start getting in some early nights and racking up some serious zzz’s. This will really benefit you and if you do struggle with sleep the night before the wedding, it shouldn’t affect you as much. Your skin and hair will look better for it, too!

2. Exfoliate
Talking of skin, you’ll want yours looking fresh and youthful on the wedding day. Try an exfoliating product a few months before the wedding. Exfoliators wash away the dead skin cells, allowing for newer, fresher skin to shine through. If you suffer with acne, it can also clear that up.

3. Know your venue
Really get to know the layout of your venue. There are so many different types of venue out there, and you’ll want to know yours inside out. Where’s the nearest toilet? Do you have a private room to go to, to practise your speech? What if it rains? Knowing your venue can really help alleviate stress on the day.

4. Emergency kit
Your bride is likely to have one, so why shouldn’t you? Have a pack nearby on the day with emergency deodorant, comb, hair wax, sewing kit, etc, in case you come across any emergencies. Remember to stick some painkillers and indigestion tablets in there too!

5. Freshen Up
Have some mints in your pocket throughout the day. You’ll be in close contact with a lot of people, and you’ll want to smell fresh. Avoid gum though, chewing can be annoying to look at and you’ll always be searching for a bin!

6. Have all the information to hand
Make sure that you have all the information and contact details with you on the day, just in case! Your list will include things like the telephone number for the car hire company, the florist, the caterer, and so on. Have a couple of numbers for each contact if you can.

7. Use your best man
This is what the best man is for. If your day encounters any hiccups, such as the caterers not turning up, or snow blocking the entrance to the hotel, get other people to sort this for you. Friends and family will be more than happy to help and you need to stay as stress-free as possible.

8. Practise your speech over and over
The more you go over your wedding speech, the more it will feel like second nature to you when you come to do it for real. If your mind goes blank, muscle memory should kick in. If you’re a nervous speaker, keep the speech short. No one will criticise you for this.

9. Don’t forget what it’s all about
It can be very easy to stress over the little things on the day, but remember what the day is really about and try and spend some time with your bride where you can. Cherish the moment and don’t fret over any drama.


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