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The pinterest black hole


When I got married over eleven years ago the internet was both a blessing and a curse.  Being able to Google to find floral designers, or cake makers was just brilliant.  I remember my mum saying “back in the day you had what you could get from people that you knew or your mum knew”.  So in that way I was extremely lucky to be able to spend hours researching what I wanted.  The problem was those hours became days and nights, then weeks.   I basically planned my wedding at work – luckily I no longer work for them so I can own up to that fact now!

I found pinterest a few years ago – I loved it at first, I pinned everything from recipes that I wanted my husband to make, ideas for decorating the home, cute doggie pics to holiday destinations.  I could spend hours just pinning pictures of food that I would never eat, colours I would not entertain in my home to holiday destinations that I could only dream of.  It became known as my pinterest blackhole.

Now, I am not saying that pinterest isn’t good for helping with your wedding plans you just need to minimise how much you  use it and have a clear purpose for using it!


I have spoken to a number of people about their use of pinterest, especially when planning an event like a wedding or a kiddies birthday party.  An overwhelming sense of panic often sets in when you realise you have literally pinned thousands of wedding pics to a board called wedding or party ideas.  You don’t know which way to turn and the vision that you had is lost in the black hole.

 I say – DELETE them ALL.  Start again – be specific.  Have boards called – dress, shoes, bridesmaid dresses, flowers and decoration.  Then limit the amount that you pin to each.  

Further down the line you start making decisions for your wedding.  Some of your ideas may have come from pinterest others may not.  Often the second guessing starts to rear its ugly head.  Even after you have made decisions you spend hours agonising over whether you have made the right choices.

NEVER second guess yourself.  Your initial decision is always the right one! You went with your gut so stick with it.  Stop Looking or be more drastic – delete the boards

I’ve known friends and clients get really down about money when it comes to wedding.  Pinterest often does not help either. Initially you start salivating over dresses, sparkly shoes and colourful shoes with the biggest heels you have ever seen.  You pin them and then spend hours just looking at them.  Suddenly the penny drops and the pound signs appear – how can you ever afford them?

Take a deep breath – Remember that most of the pictures are often photo shoots for companies.  Not real weddings! Whatever your budget is remember your wedding is about you, your personality, your loves, your husband to be, your friends and family. 

Use pinterest as inspiration not as a planning tool!


Have a look at my pinterest page Happy Pinning!


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