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Pets at your big day!


Should you include them?

I know what you are thinking – why would you even consider including your pet on your big day.  I am a dog owner – of 3 most loving and nutty dogs you could ever meet.  If only they were this sweet all the time!


At the time it would have never entered my head to include them, but more and more people are.  It is true to say that I would rather spend time with my dogs than some people. So, why not??

But lets think about this – pets can be more unpredictable than children and unpredictability and weddings don’t tend to mix too well!

Follow these tips if you are thinking of including your pets on your big day


Confirm with your venue – I know that sounds silly but you turn up with your four legged friend to get told they aren’t allowed could leave you with a fairly big hairy problem! If your venue does accommodate pets make sure you have a water bowl and some treats, maybe see where the nearest exit it is just in case they start to bark.  It may even be worthwhile taking them to your venue beforehand as I know one of mine gets spooked at anything new!



Pet Photos – make sure you let your photographer know so that they can be included in your pics and they can plan some unique fun ones.



Inform Guests  – Don’t forget not everyone loves animals and many people have allergies too! By informing your guests it means that they can plan ahead.



Pets personality  – Remember that all pets behave differently.  Even if your pet is well–behaved and used to large crowds, there is no real guarantee that they’ll behave like that on the day. Being stroked, photographed or chased by kids can becoming increasingly stressful for your pet so make sure they can handle it before you involve them.



Safety First – As much as you might think a bow-tie or some flowers looks cute on your pooch remember that some accessories could be a choking hazard and some flowers are poisonous! Make sure you check first



Hire a Sitter – It is your big day and as much as your pet is important to you, you won’t have time to feed them, make sure they have enough water, walk them and most importantly make sure they haven’t devoured the cake! So hiring a pet sitter will ease the worry on the day

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