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POW 7 – Pic of Week

I decided to look at staged photos for this weeks Picture of the week.

There are some really good ones out there but the one that I picked I took a real liking to.

It comes from a wedding photographer based in Finland and Washington DC – lucky guy (to both!)

Aarography describes himself as a different king of wedding photographer and you can see why!

You would think this was a wedding in the UK – castle looks familiar??

The bride in the picture was an old friend of the photographer, and when she contacted him about shooting her wedding, she mentioned having a couple of swords that she wanted to use in some of the pictures. The wedding took place in Luray, Virginia, a place not really known for its medieval castles.

Aarography got this fun shot of the bridal party “fighting” the wedding couple. As a surprise to the couple, he added a royalty-free castle and dark sky into the background of one picture with the help of Photoshop.



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