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The people that will DEFINITELY annoy you during wedding planning

With so much to organise and the big day fast approaching, wedding planning can be rather stressful, so it’s pretty much a given that your nerves will be put to the test and some point along the line. Here’s who we think will be the biggest culprits, and very importantly, how to handle the drama.

The best man
He’s the one that’s begging for three stag dos across the globe. Not only will you be away from your beloved for three whole trips, holidays abroad don’t come cheap! Solution: suggest a sten do where you’ll come to all three countries with him and his pals… then, perhaps he’ll decide one weekend in Amsterdam with the boys is enough after all.

Your mother-in-law
It’s pretty likely that you’ll be at loggerheads with the chief matriarch at some point during the planning process – probably when she says “you’re not actually going to have a wedding cake made of cheese are you? How untraditional!” Having two wedding cakes to keep her happy is the only way to solve this argument. Problem, what problem?

The florist
When she breaks the news that tulips aren’t available at this time of year. Instead of having an ‘I want tulips’ tantrum down the phone, simply tell her that you’ll change the entire wedding to a more appropriate time of year. Your fiancé won’t mind the little adjustment, will he?

Your fiancé

Your one true love, your soulmate, your best friend – but, also a right bloomin’ pain in the backside. You’ve spent ages discussing your DIY favour ideas and pouring through your scrapbook and he hasn’t once looked up from FIFA. Instead of unleashing your (usually well-contained) bridezilla, keep your cool and get clever. Replacing his favourite DVDs and games with a shed-load of confetti should do it. Surprise!

Your maid of honour
She’s insisting those ‘hens on tour’ t-shirts will be funny in Mallorca and you’re starting to wonder why you’re even friends at all. Let her have her way (she’s only trying to make your big night out memorable), but just ‘accidentally’ spill a sambuca down it and have a glitzy number on standby. Hey, presto!

Your boss
He’s sent a rather long email suggesting that updating your wedding board on Pinterest isn’t the most productive use of your time. Well, what would he know? Those DIY vases you’ve spotted are going to save you a bomb in the long run – very important! Perhaps just invite him to the wedding so he can witness the mind-blowing decor first hand?!

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