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Non-cheesy first dance wedding songs

Take your pick of our alternative (no cheese allowed) first dance songs. Rock, indie, quirky and cute tunes

There is nothing wrong with a bit of Michael Bublé or even some Neil Diamond (we love an old school crooner) but if your looking for an alternative wedding first dance song look no further! All these songs are unique and come with a no-cheese guarantee


1. An oldy, but a goody
At Last – Etta James

2. Love a folk anthem
Ho Hey – The Lumineers

3. A nineties classic
You and Me Song – The Wannadies

4. Sweet and sincere
Better Together – Jack Johnson

5. Not a dry eye in the house
Stand By Me – Ben E. King

6. Modern and beautiful
Only Love – Ben Howard

7. Quirky and unique
First Day of My Life – Bright Eyes

8. Get everyone on their feet (particularly good if you’re getting married on a Friday)
Friday I’m in Love – The Cure

9. Sweet and fun
Anyone Else But You – The Moldy Peaches

10. Rock on
Everlong – Foo Fighters

11. A classic song from a music legend
Heroes – David Bowie

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