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Rainy Days


How to keep dry on a rainy wedding day



Now that we are into September (my favourite month of the year – and no not just because it’s someones birthday!) as much as a wedding in the UK could be bright sunshine and reasonably warm we could have downpours.  I love rain but, how can you make sure you keep dry on your wedding day?

Obviously, my first piece of advice is to book an indoor wedding venue. Barring any roof leaks, that should keep you protected from all the elements. But if you’ve already booked an outdoor venue, clearly that advice won’t work.

Here are some ways to make sure to keep dry while outside on your possibly-rainy wedding day…

Get a tent

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Depending on your budget, your tents can be as simple or elaborate as possible. You could even buy a smaller tent for cheaper than it is to rent one, and then: Boom! You always have an awesome event tent in case of rain.

Umbrellas as accessories

Just look at the photo ops you can have with umbrellas

15-cool-ideas-for-a-rainy-day-wedding-1-500x767 21j6l4h 124b84bec67c746ba0a23ae2fb29fd9d 2016-04-22-1461358225-7279041-red_shoes_bridal_party 5916246141_83fa5ced3a_z 7631176050_7d8df8d576_c Intimate-Wedding-Kalista-and-Jason-0020-1341880926-O rain-at-Indian-wedding Rainy-Day-Wedding-Pictures Rainy-Wedding-2 s5 two-brides-and-umbrella Walking-under-an-umbrella wedding-myths-05

But if you are going to buy umbrellas how about some of these??

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Give umbrellas to your guests

They could do double duty as your wedding favours

20151126-BrollyBucket890of930 94728730616cfbbc04e3ee83dd31f9ca

Protect your feet

Wear your favourite Wellies, or use this an excuse to buy a fabulous pair of rainy day wedding boots!

Bride-in-rain-boots eventsbymackie-com-wedding-party-in-rain-boots gray-yellow-wedding-boots-800x533 lead-600x400 rain-check-07_detail Wellies-kilts-lace-pop-sock-wedding_oc-Photography020 Winter-Weddings-Wellies

Protect your tops

Make sure you’ve added an awesome jacket, raincoat, or at the very least a wrap to your wedding outfit. You definitely want a cover-up if you’re wearing white; that way your dress or your shirt won’t get wet and see-through before (or during!) your ceremony. (…Unless you want to incorporate a wet t-shirt contest into your reception!)

2014-Bridal-Wraps-Jackets-long-Sleeves-Gorgeous-Coats-Bridal-Accessories-Wedding-Events-Elegant-Stain-White-Bolero 9908567166_1fb9030b1c_c de3dcb02f6e0145c2a3e8506ce08206b Free-Shipping-Nwe-2M-Long-70-CM-Width-Nude-Pink-Chiffon-Shawl-Wrap-Stole-Tippet-Scarves Fur-Shrug-Over-Wedding-Gown stephanie-allin-wedding-dresses-2016-bridal-symphony-strapless-sweetheart-bodice-midi-tea-length-skirt-buckle-belt-capri-lace-shrug-crop-topper-600x900


Don’t forget to wear waterproof mascara and remember ………..

DON’T PANIC!!!!!!!

A bit of wet won’t dampen the spirits of your guests – just roll with the punches!


And if all else fails, try one of these…………………..


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