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Summer weddings


How to keep cool on your wedding day….literally!

According to the papers a Spanish plume is on the way.  A Spanish what?? Basically after such a wet and dreary spring and summer (so far) the Met Office are predicting a heat wave from Mid July for 6 weeks.

The so-called ‘Spanish Plume’ weather phenomenon could bring sustained temperatures of up to 30C.

As much as we all love the hot temps getting married in sweltering heat is not always particular comfortable.


Here are my suggestions on how to keep cool on your wedding day


Stay hydrated

Your body can’t regulate temperatures well if you’re not hydrated. Keep a refillable water bottle with a friend to swig when you’re thirsty. Or better yet, ask them to bring it to you regularly so you won’t forget.



Avoid chub rub

When you’re wearing a long dress (or any skirt!), your thighs are probably rubbing together, causing heat and uncool “chub rub.” Look for cycling shorts or Spanx, Lush silky underwear dusting powder, bandelettes, Champneys for men anti-chafing protective balm, or Secret Shield by Skindura.  They are all great and do a great anti “chub rub” job.

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Sweat-proof your makeup

Starting out with a good primer, using waterproof products, and finishing with a setting spray are all good basics for keeping your makeup as long-lasting and sweat-proof as possible. You can also ask your makeup artist if they can use airbrush makeup on you, as it’s also a longer-lasting option.

Designate someone to hold onto blotting papers and extra makeup for touch-ups. Also ask them to keep an eye on your mug for any makeup running or fall-out.

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Keep that hair dry

The easiest option is to just go with an up-do when you know you’ll likely get your sweat on. But if you’re going with your hair down, pack some dry shampoo to freshen up your locks midday. Then ask that designated friend to check to make sure there’s no stray white powder in your hair afterwards.

ways-to-keep-guests-cool-paper-fans ways-to-keep-guests-cool-hats-and-fans

Keep sweat at bay

Cooling towels like these and these will mop up your brow and act as a cooling agent to your skin.

A handheld portable fan can also cool you down in a pinch.

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Amp up your deodorant game

Clinical-strength deodorant could be your friend for the day, especially if you’re prone to being extra “glowy” anyway.

ways-to-keep-guests-cool-otter-pops 12-ways-to-keep-guests-cool-and-comforatble-the-newport-bride

Don’t worry too much

Worrying about sweating ironically just causes more sweat. If you’re sweating, everyone else will be, too, so nobody will think anything of it. Just get all your sweat-free items together in a bag and then let someone else worry about it. You’ll be all set to keep cool on the wedding day without stress.



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