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Independence Day

No this isn’t Groundhog day.  Yes I did a post on the 4th July yesterday but this is Independence Day!

Welcome to my Independence Day theme blog post. So what is the difference I hear you ask???

Today (or yesterday) we celebrate our Independence Day.

My husband and I love (and I mean love) our American road trips.  We have done a few over the years about 17 states altogether but would like to do a lot more.

One of our favourite memories was in a little town called Rachel in Nevada.  It is literally in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the Great Basin Desert along the Nevada highway 375.  There is another name for this highway the EXTRA TERRESTRIAL highway.  This is because of the many UFO sightings along this one stretch of road.  Rachel is also the closest settlement to Area 51.  If you haven’t heard of Area 51 click here

I am sure you wonder where I am going with this blog post – well its ALIENS!


A couple got married in Rachel, who were alien/UFO enthusiasts


This is the couple but this isn’t Rachel! It looks more like a still from Men in Black although I love the deep blue colour of the brides dress

Now remember  its in a desert however it still does get cold – very cold! Below is one of the dirt tracks heading to the Area 51 perimeter in the snow


The groom and friends at the ET highway


There is a diner known as the Little A’Le’Inn where Earthlings are welcome in Rachel.  This location has been the host of numerous documentaries and movies including “Independence Day.”

Take a look at the photo with the bride and groom


At the infamous Black Mailbox, a sacred meeting place for UFO enthusiasts the bride and groom wait……

The Black Mailbox, Area 51, Extraterrestrial Highway, Nevada Desert

Now you about to say – “its white, you fool” well yes it is and the reason for that – the cattle rancher that gets their post delivered there was so fed up with it being taken or destroyed by UFO hunters and people waiting to be abducted that they painted it white.  It didn’t work so the post just doesn’t get delivered there anymore but the mailbox was left so the UFO’s could still find where to abduct people from! ahem!


Just take a look at a few ideas for an alien themed wedding


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Take a look at this Alien loves wedding cake from the little cherry cake company if you dare!


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