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I’m sure everyone knows by now that I love Italy but I think I have a thing for countries beginning with “i” as I am totally in love with Iceland.  My husband and I even considered moving out there – maybe in the future!

Anyway here is my wedding post on all things Iceland! (And no mum hasn’t gone there!!)


A land of fire, ice, and elves, Iceland is a beacon of nature’s majesty and culture. It’s also quite possibly the strangest place ever. And that’s precisely why you should get married there.  It is such a mythical place.  A place where every turn brings another mystifying natural wonder impossible to describe—a land of baffling, beautiful contradictions. How do you explain a place that’s both archaic and constantly changing? Where lava meets ice? That’s both lush with greenery and a frozen tundra? That’s electrifying and calming at the same time?

It’s a battlefield hosting a centuries-long scrimmage between fire and ice, where unpredictable weather makes it seem like three seasons have passed in the course of four minutes, and where elves exist (honestly – check it out! Highways have been re-routed around rocks that elves live in!)

No place on Earth seems so alien, but perhaps no place is as pure a showcase for our planet’s most raw and active geological features. It’s indescribably beautiful. It’s really freaking weird which is why I love it.  Weddings in Iceland can be anything you want – just take a look!

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