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I just love holidays

I will be in Italy by the time this blog post gets published – Right down the toe of the boot in a region called Calabria. Here’s a few photos of the region.

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I know you shouldn’t publicise going away on social media #please rob me but with 3 dogs, dog sitters (aunt and uncle) and a live in cousin-in-law the house certainly isn’t empty!

So, whilst sitting in my garden office watching the grey skies build up and rain fall why do I love holidays??


My husband and I love going on holiday.  We both love them for very different reasons though!

My husband tends to like them for the break, the rest, the extra sleep, the culture, the food and the drink.  Basically what majority of people go away for.


For me it is slightly different! I love the planning! Yes you heard me right, the planning and I suppose the organisation of the holiday.

I tend to enjoy the bit beforehand more.  The deciding where we are going, reading up on the area, booking the accomodation, organising the transport and so on.  I’ve always been a planner and an organiser – I was always told that I was Miss Bossy boots as a toddler.



But that is where my husband and I get on perfectly – I do the planning and organising beforehand, including him! and then over the years he has taught me how to relax and unwind.

So just make sure you enjoy the holidays that you have with family or friends as they are often the most precious moments you will have and will be memories that last forever.

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