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Answers to those questions......


How you should answer awkward questions once you are engaged

There are just some things that always get asked when your about to get married.  Here is my advice on how to respond (or maybe not! – lol)


“Can I bring a plus one?”
Does your invitation state ‘plus one’? No? – Then you have your answer.

“The invite says no kids at the wedding, but can I bring Darcie? She’s very mature for a seven-year-old”
Why are you making this awkward?


“So how much is this wedding costing you?”
It’s costing none of your business.

“How much weight are you planning to lose?”
Erm none. But thanks.


“I don’t need to RSVP do I? You know I’m coming!”
Of course you do – everyone does, we need it to keep track of numbers, dietary requirements and keep everyone in one place!

“Are you worried about the weather for a September wedding?”
It’s literally all I think about! BBC weather is set as my homepage.


“Why isn’t Amy coming?”
Because Amy is your friend, not mine.

“We don’t need to bring a gift. Our coming along is our gift to you right?”
Of course it is. Although that new vase would be great…

“My friend Lucy’s wedding was so incredible. She had a petting zoo for the kids, an open bar and working vintage fun fair! Are you planning anything like that?”
Oh yeah. I’ll just go and remove one of my kidneys and sell it to the highest bidder

help me i'm poor

“Can I have a mention in the speeches?”
Of course! But you need to actually help with the wedding planning to get one.

“Can you cater for an archevore?”
A what?!?!?

“So… babies soon eh?”
Erm… lets just concentrate on the wedding at the mo yeah?


“Are you sure about him?”
Yes. That’s why I’m marrying him.



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