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7 Things That Secretly Annoy Bridesmaids at hen weekends

The best kind of hen weekend  is one where both the bride and the guests are having the time of their lives. But planning an epic celebration takes some work. So how do you ensure your big bash is one for the books — where everyone is on cloud nine? While you can’t always please everyone, including your bridesmaids, keep in mind these seven things that secretly annoy bridesmaids at hen weekends.


1. Strict dress codes Whether it’s forcing all the girls in the group to go out in black dresses while the bride wears white — or creating embarrassing tank tops the entire crew has to wear throughout the weekend, or fancy dress (cabin crew anyone?), nobody really loves a dress code— even at hen weekends. Of course, more often than not everyone will happily oblige with a big smile on their faces — yet they’re secretly thinking of how it ruins all the fun.

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2. Expensive everything Bridesmaids get that they’ll have to shell out some serious dough for the Hen weekend. However, with that said, all the activities shouldn’t be over-the-top expensive. One nice dinner is good at a destination Hen weekend, but keep the other meals low key for gals on a budget. It’s frustrating when the maid of honour isn’t considerate of everyone else’s financial situation!

hen-4 hen-party-party-ideas

3. Paying the bride’s way If it’s one night out, totally fine. However, now that many Hen do’s are an entire weekend away, it’s not practical to ask everyone attending to split the cost of all of the bride’s expenses. See how everyone feels about covering her booze for the weekend or paying for a nice dinner out so she doesn’t have to, but don’t push the spending limits too excessively. That’s much more reasonable than splitting her flight costs or accommodations, which could irk bridesmaids on a budget (or any attendees, really).


4. Too much penis Yes, penis straws can be fun (perhaps not in public) and a silly game of pin-the-Mr.-on-the-man never hurt anybody, but some Hen parties can go a bit overboard with the whole penis theme. This can be embarrassing and irritating not only the bride, but also to the rest of the girls.

32013_102_3 hen-willy-straws_320_210 images

5. Dare cards Some ladies don’t mind asking to pluck a random stranger’s chest hair at the bar, whereas other shy gals may be secretly super irked at having to partake in a drunken game of Hen dare — especially if they don’t drink or aren’t big drinkers to begin with. Make sure to take the group as a whole into account when planning risqué games in general.

download hen_diy_two

6. An excessive amount of games A few games are all in good fun and can break the ice with a big group, but keep the number of games to a minimum (shoot for one or two, max). Otherwise, you’ll start to lose the attention spans of the ladies and the bride may get uncomfortable being in the spotlight for that long.

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bridal-shower-hen-party-games img_0854

7. Unwanted social media shots This includes (but is not limited to) embarrassing Snapchats, Instagram photos, tweets, and Facebook posts! Whether it’s an unflattering photo of said bridesmaid — or just a drunken moment she’d rather not have shared with the entire world, many bridesmaids can get secretly annoyed by all the social posts that make it live that they’d rather have hidden for the duration (of life…).  As most stags stay what goes on tour stays on tour!

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hen-party-girls-in-pants_jpg p1090681-1600x960

Uncommon Weddings can help with all hen/stag parties and weekend plans – just drop us a line!

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