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Things happy brides do on their wedding day

No one wants a bridezilla-style meltdown on their wedding day. Here’s how to be the happiest bride ever, all you need to do is follow these simple rules…

1. Stay calm
Even when the make-up artist is stuck in traffic and your hair has already gone flat. Panicking won’t solve anything. Surround yourself with your best girls and solve any issues together.

2. Mingle
So many brides regret not talking to grandparents and long-distance friends on their big day. Make an effort to get round everyone and enjoy your day with them.

3. Eat
You may not be in the mood for eating much, but you’ll need the energy (and the stomach lining) for dancing into the night.

4. Worry less about your guests
You’ve fed them and given them fizz – trust us, they’re having a good time.

5. Trust your bridal party
You’ve given a thorough breakdown and spreadsheets of the day to your bridesmaids and ushers. It’s now time to relinquish control – trust them – they’ve got this.

6. Wear sensible shoes
If you normally wear flats, don’t opt for six-inch heels for your wedding. Comfort (and stability!) will be the most important thing on the day.

7. Dance
Get some dance offs going, start a conga line and prepare to bust some moves. Dancing with friends and family to your favourite tunes is the best.

8. Laugh off any big day mistakes
So what if the floral arrangements didn’t make it to the church, or if the top tier fell off your cake when you were cutting it? You are MARRIED and it’s the Best. Day. Ever.

 9. Spend time with your new husband
Because that’s what it’s really all about! Make sure you take some time away from the crowds – just the two of you.
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