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June Flower Power


Flowers of the Month

My final ‘of the month’ post – FLOWERS.  I always think that flowers can make such a difference at at a wedding or in fact any occasion.  I absolutely love them and there is nothing I like more than my husband coming home with a bunch of daffodils or tulips (I’m quite cheap when it comes to flowers) they brighten up your house, your mood, your day!

I found the  flower farm about 6 months ago when I was trying to find some flowers for a friend and I just love them! Unfortunately being based in Lancashire means that I couldn’t buy a bunch for my friend.  The  flower farm are a flower grower and a florist who specialise in growing British flowers, all types of English country garden varieties, including cornflowers, sweetpeas, dahlias, snapdragons and much more.

Just stunning!


I just love the lilacs and creams throughout this bouquet

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