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Festival season is upon us


We are just going into music festival season with Isle of Wight this weekend and Glastonbury towards the end of June along with many others up and down the country.  I thought it would the ideal time to do a post on a music festival wedding theme.


If my husband and I could get married all over again I think this would be our choice.  Having a big party in a field with lots of bands/music, drink, great food and great company would be just the thing for us! Apart from the camping or even glamping as my hubby doesn’t ‘do’ camping!


Here are some of our favourite ideas for a music festival wedding

Get the party started

Music is an extremely important part of any couples’ wedding, but if you really really want to bring Glasto to your reception you will, without a doubt, need a good live band playing… Kaiser Chiefs tribute or not, this gets things moving….




Dare to be colourful

Colours and summer go hand-in-hand; why not turn it up a notch and use ultra bright palette in your decor and theme to truly bring out the summer festival vibe?

antonia-harvey-306-576x384 wedding-festival-decor festival-decor festival-wedding-ideas-31 festival-wedding-ideas-17


Everyone loves festival food!

For a genuine Glastonbury experience, why not provide some festival-style food for the reception and/or after-party? This can be anything from picnic hampers to enjoy outside, a retro food-van giving out the couples favourite dishes, an Indian buffet, or even a classic British BBQ! Hiring a unique and theatrical catering service will make for an unforgettable reception.

festival_wedding_tea_stop festival-wedding-ideas-18 festival-wedding-ideas-19 festival-wedding-ideas-25


You can never ever be bored at Glastonbury, so…

Give your guests something fun to do whilst darting between the bar and the dance floor! Some quirky ideas that we love are: henna tattoo station, retro photo-booth or even a white guitar as a guestbook for all to sign!

Festival-themed-wedding_McKinley-Rodgers-Photography_047 stuart-rosie-festival-wedding7-1024x724 festvail-wedding-paint festival-wedding-ideas-22

festival-wedding-guestbook festival-wedding-ideas-21

We dare you to be anything but happy in fancy dress!

We all know (and love) those people at the festival who go all out on fancy dress for the entire weekend. Well, this costume craziness can be easily incorporated into your wedding with a fancy dress reception that will truly make all the guests feel part of your festival wedding. Alice In Wonderland, Rainbow theme (give everyone a colour to dress in from head to toe), Gangsters & Molls, Zombies & rock stars or mermaids & pirates; there is just no limit to fun when fancy dress is involved!


festival-wedding-rabbit festival-wedding-bunny

Let’s get lyrical.

If a full-on amped up band is too much for your wedding reception, but you still want to include music in a big way, why not put some lyrics of your favourite songs into speeches, or even vows? These can be really meaningful and romantic, but still have the festival twist that every boho Bride craves!


Children: the more the merrier!

Running, giggling, screaming and playing; Glastonbury wouldn’t be the same without the energy of the families and their children. So, don’t be afraid to encourage people to bring their little ones to the celebrations, and make sure there’s lots of fun crafty activities for them to really get stuck into… we suggest dream catcher creating, plasticine modelling and collaging with little bags of sparkles, glitter, coloured paper and plastic for all.


Get the bohemian style

Festival-chic has been a massive trend in wedding gowns recently; and there are styles enough to suit every bride! From flow-ey floor length Grecian Goddess dresses, to feminine lacy numbers, there is no way a festival bride would look anything but stunning in her hippie-inspired dress this Summer.


Floral-Hair-Garland Floral-Hair-Garland-3 Floral-Hair-Garland-2


Wonderful Wellies

Also a must have for a festival bride is a comfy pair of wellies! You can find these in all sorts of pretty shades and prints in the shops these days especially now that festival season is upon us.


bridesmaids-wellies Hunte-rGreen-Wedding-Wellies Laura-Toby-W-2820-576x863 red-wedding-wellies-2 stuart-rosie-festival-wedding3-1024x724 Wellies


All Access Pass

Give your guests an all-access pass to your big day with festival style tickets, lanyards or wristbands. You can get ones designed exactly like you would find at any of the major festivals

Festival-Wedding-Lanyard festival-wedding-vip-lanyards-576x561 il_570xN.351033672 il_570xN.380187510_fxfd il_570xN.737790733_c3jq IMG_1560-670x670 IMG_1646-670x670 wedfest-festival-wedding-invite

Super Signage

Creative and fun signage lets your guests know where all the festivities are taking place as well as giving that authentic festival feel.

55fb38c71c00002d00757510 4360c50bd61d7c4a81ffb92c492b3d47 festival-wedding-ideas-7 Festival-Wedding-Signage-2 Invite-Front-670x947 Wedfest-20-1024x724 Wedfest-21 Wedfest-22


Tent or Teepee?

A true festival wedding would not be complete without some kind of a tent structure. Marquees, Yurts and Teepees are all great fun and perfect for an outdoor wedding especially with our unpredictable British weather!

festival-wedding-ideas-24 festival_wedding_viva-458-576x384 Outdoor-Wedding StephDave_200811_9032-1024x725 vintage-wedding_0 Wedding-Tent-2

Chill Out Area

Festival style seating is a must for your guests for them to chill out on and relax in between all the festivities or your big day. We love the use of deckchairs, cushions scattered freely or even the use of hay bales, an inexpensive decor idea that is super practical too! Spruce them up with a little fabric or some blankets to make them a little more comfortable.

download Copy-of-StephDave_200811_8477-1024x661 55fb437f20000025002427a8 Festival-Style-Wedding-Seating festival-wedding_neilthomasdouglas-24-640x426 Wedfest-45


Posh Potties

Last but not least is the Portaloo! A definite must have for a festival style wedding. Spruce up this uninspiring area with pretty signage and details such as mirrors and washroom baskets to make the space not so out-doorsy!

outdoor-mirrors port-a-loo-sign Wedding-Portaloo

A festival wedding (or wedfest) can be whatever you want it to be, but think Glastonbury, bohemian, rustic, vintage, love and flowers… lots of flowers! Essentially it’s all about the party, enjoying your day with the people you love, some good music and some good food brought together with the little extras that make your wedding day truly memorable.

0a8fa189300c186b603da5263736ff8f 17-Music-Festival-Wedding-by-Paul-Joseph-Photograhy 28-Music-Festival-Wedding-by-Paul-Joseph-Photograhy 31-Music-Festival-Wedding-by-Paul-Joseph-Photograhy 33-Music-Festival-Wedding-by-Paul-Joseph-Photograhy Amy-Lewin-Photography-_-Festival-Wedding-260 BecciTomAssassynation-256-640x960 BecciTomAssassynation-260-576x384 Festival-themed-wedding_McKinley-Rodgers-Photography_023 festival-wedding-decor festival_wedding_neilthomasdouglas_55 il_570xN.380190836_junt KateKarlAssassynation-10001 KateKarlAssassynation-10021 KateKarlAssassynation-10425 Leicestival-A-Music-Festival-Wedding-31-640x427 stuart-rosie-festival-wedding51-1024x724 UNIQUE-MODERN-WEDDING-PHOTOGRAPHY-1579 vinyl-record-wedding-table-names

How about this to celebrate Glastonbury?!?



Or why not have a fake wedding at one of the festivals this year with the inflatable church! Go on you know you want to!





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