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If you can't beat them join them


Embrace the madness



My poor husband this week has become a football widow again.  With Euro 2016 on every day I’ve had the TV on for majority of the group matches (even if its only been background noise).  Last night it was Belgium v Italy tonight as I am writing this Portugal v Iceland.

As my mum reminds me about when I  was a child she had no interest in football really but she decided that with my dads’ and my love for football she needed to embrace the madness or her favourite saying “If you can’t beat them join them”.

So, lets embrace the madness at a wedding!

Ever thought of hiring a footballer lookalike to mingle with your guests?? Would be a great photo opportunity at your reception.


becks frank lampard LookalikesFootball


[So do you know who they are all supposed to be? comment below]


How about a football freestyler? The guys will be happy looking at the amazing skills and football wizardry.  Could turn out to be a bit of a riot if some of the male guests start trying some of the skills too, especially after a few drinks!!


17b 3 27


How about hiring a football table which would keep the children amused  for hours (and the adults too!)

Football-table-3-490-by-250 led-table-football



My favourite yet – the Human football table – that would be great fun at a wedding

indoor-human-table-football inflatable-football-table


It can be quite a dilemma – football at weddings.  My husband and I got married on Easter Monday so we knew there wouldn’t be any football.  But I have known of friends (who claimed to be football fans) getting married on FA Cup Final day – why would you do that? The last thing you will want is all the guys and some of the girls (I would have been one of them) disappearing to find a television or huddle round a phone to listen to it on the radio.  I have had a friend say that as its their special day no one will watch any football.  That is quite an easy thing to say but pretty difficult to enforce!


24-groomsmen-watching-football-game-before-wedding-1024x683 BoQaLBoIcAI4VbC


Or as my mum would say “if you can’t beat them join them!”

article-2397091-1B5D74B0000005DC-930_634x400 (1)


This couple got married at Stoke City’s football ground at half time in a premiership league match! Hats off to the bride!

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