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wedding guest complaints


The most common wedding guest complaints

What are the most common wedding guest complaints? And more importantly, how do you avoid them?


No plus one

The complaint: “Why isn’t my partner on the invite list too?

The resolution: If you’ve never met the partner or you’ve only briefly said ‘hello’ it’s definitely okay not to invite them to your big day. However, a phone call or a handwritten note with the invitation explaining the situation should avoid dramas.


Seating plan problems

The complaint: “Why am I sat on a different table to my mates?”

The resolution: The seating plan is one of the toughest jobs – our advice is to keep couples, friendship groups and families together (or at least on the same table). They’ll feel happier and complaints will be kept at a minimum.


High cost alcohol

The complaint: “Why does a beer cost £4.25?!”

The resolution: If you’re not having an open bar and you know your venue charges a lot for drinks you might want to consider adding a contribution. Whether it’s a few more bottles of wine with dinner or a tab to kick the evening off – you guests will thank you for it.


The weather

The complaint: “It’s way too hot/cold in here”

The resolution: Ah the wonderful British weather. You never know whether it will be scorching or tipping it down. Your best bet is to prepare for every eventuality – keep umbrellas and fans at the ready and maybe even a few blankets too!

Numerous porcelain spoons with smoked salmon morsels.


The complaint: “We’ve had to wait around for hours and then we were served tiny portions!”

The resolution: Always, always have a tasting of your food to make sure you’re happy with it and clarify the portion sizes. If you know you’re going to be off taking photos before food is served have some canapés waiting and give your guests a little something in the evening too – cheese buffets are a popular and cost-effective option.


Long speeches

The complaint: “Jeez, when is this guy going to stop talking…”

The resolution: Give all your toasters a strict time limit for their speech and ask them to practice to make sure they don’t overrun. If you know you have a real talker in the bunch, a Master of Ceremonies will help keep things moving along nicely.


No thank you

The complaint: “We spent so much money on travel, outfits and that thoughtful Amazon voucher and we still haven’t received a thank you!”

The resolution: Keep a list of all your guests, their addresses and make a note of their gifts. Get your thank yous out nice and early to avoid any parental reprimanding.

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