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Cake of July


Cake of the month

What can I say about Mr Cake?  He is just amazing! You may have heard of him before.

He was the guy that resigned from the civil service by cake – well Mr Cake worked for the same organisation that I resigned from to follow my dreams……


This is just the best resignation ever


I hold my hands up that I couldn’t pick just one cake so here are my fav of his (and I am certainly not biased!) as his work just speaks for itself


The aurora wedding cake – the couple got engaged under the northern lights – how romantic.  I just love the deep blues to make it appear like night and the greens of the aurora


Every book worm dreams of a wedding cake like this

13254139_1146442075376261_787385450854600312_n 13254618_1146442112042924_8428588364658482393_n

For every couple that loves motor racing


The meadow design is just so striking

Last but certainly not least the Lego construction cake.  Lego? there have been so many Lego wedding cakes I hear you say.  Well yes there has but there are Lego wedding cakes and then there are LEGO wedding cakes.

And then there is this one

lego4 lego3 lego2 lego1

Mr Cake has more designs on his Facebook page 


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