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Brazilian wedding



Following on from the Olympics theme.  How about a Brazilian themed wedding?

The easiest way to add that Brazilian carnival spirit to your wedding is to create a strong bright colour palette. I love warm shades like orange, coral and yellow  with lashings of green and teal.  The traditional colours of Brazil of yellow and green can be quite harsh on the eye. Decorate your tables with simple and inexpensive ideas like loose lemons, limes and oranges as well as vibrant flowers.  The addition of masks and fans give a little of the Carnival – Rio vibe and would be perfect on the dance floor later on…

Why not serve Caipirinhas (Brazil’s answer to a margarita) at cocktail hour? or any hour!

Get the party started with a Brazilian Samba band at the reception and at the end of the night send your guests home with Bem Casados a famous Brazilian wedding dessert which means ‘Married Well’. Made from a delicious pastry the Bem Casados represents two parts united by sweet love, support and mutual respect. It is said when a guest makes a wish for the newly-weds before eating it, the same good fortune will be bestowed upon the guest as well. How sweet?!

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