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Best proposals ever!

This is a post for the proposers!

Here are some important stats

  • Fact 1:75% of peeps are disappointed with their marriage proposal story.
  • Fact 2:The first thing everyone asks when you’re engaged – “How did he propose?”
  • Fact 3:26% of engaged couples wanted to be serenaded whilst being proposed to.
  • Fact 4:More than 75% of people agree that the “surprise factor” is important in a marriage proposal


So, if you are thinking of proposing where do you start?

A busy food court??

Poor bloke! Maybe not!


Proposal Do’s & Don’ts


Do make the proposal a story that will be remembered forever by capturing every moment on film. Your partner probably won’t remember half the amazing words you say, so if it’s on film, it’s only a click away.


Don’t base your proposal on your likes, it’s all about your loved one’s likes.


Do consider your partners feelings.  If a public proposal in Covent Garden would be hell to them then don’t do it!


Don’t plan the proposal last minute it takes lots and lots of planning and organising.



The fact is, your partner is expecting their  fairytale. Believe us when we tell you everyone wants their proposal to be perfect. Doing it in front of the TV after a curry and a few beers just won’t do. Whether their fairytale is Disney-esque, a few hairy bikers, a candle-lit meal, a weekend in New York, or a bit of a flash-mob proposal we at Uncommon weddings can help.

Your proposal has to be unique, thoughtful and above all, memorable.  So, why not contact us.  We can help with just some ideas, or plan the whole thing.


As a taster, here are a few that in our opinion haven’t done a bad job at all!!



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