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One of my passions is planning, planning & planning! In every part of my life I like to plan. Whether its planning holidays, planning get together’s with friends and family, planning meals, planning (and organising) my husband and our 3 dogs.

Lists – I Love lists! You can never have enough lists! From paper ones to electronic ones! Everything can have a list!

[That being said – I am a good fire fighter too!]

I’m a thirty something planner, who has spent fifteen years working in project management and audit who decided to change their life by doing what she loves.

What makes me tick?

  • Music makes my life better
  • My husband – my soul mate
  • My 3 dogs – Poppy, Skye and Caesar
  • My mum – my best friend
  • Detail – I have an eye for detail when it comes to anything and everything
  • Did I say planning and organisation?
  • I love shoes and handbags
  • Freesias are my favourite flowers
  • I hate marmite
  • I Love sharks and storms (maybe not together though)
  • I am a magpie – love shiny and sparkly things
  • I’m an avid football fan
  • Purple is my favourite colour

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