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What every bride needs on her wedding day


9 things that every bride needs on her wedding day

These 9 essentials will make every brides day more comfortable

Veil and skirt weights

Because even the lightest summer breeze can result in your veil blowing in your face, or your skirt flying skywards as you pose for photos outdoors. Far from ideal, no?


A miniature of your favourite perfume

Perfect for keeping you fresh and fragrant all-day long. If your bridal perfume isn’t available in mini-size, pour some into a atomizer for the big day.


Nail scissors 

Because they’re just so USEFUL. From trimming stray threads to smoothing jagged fingernails, they’re a definite must-have for your Wedding day.



Don’t let rain put a dampener on your wedding day! (Or your wedding shoes, for that matter…) Having a pair of chic bridal Wellington boots to-hand can make all the difference: not only will it keep your heels clean and dry in case of a downpour, but Wellies are also so much easier for braving muddy ground.


Heel protectors 

Even if it hasn’t rained, standing on grass in spiky heels is not the most enviable of tasks. Heel protectors will keep your heels clean, as well as stopping them from sinking into the mud. Winner all-round!


Fashion tape

Even if you think you don’t need it, invest in a roll just to be safe. After all, you might want to look perkier – or you might be looking a little, er, too perky. Either way. The tape will help!



It might be wise to pop a couple before the day kicks off, in order to stave off tension headaches caused by dehydration or nervous jitters.


Lint roller

Because if there’s one time you might actually need a lint roller, it’s your Wedding day.


A multi-purpose lip product 

A good-quality sheer lip balm will be able to:

– Hydrate your lips,

– Tackle dryness on your forehead and cheeks

– Make your eyelashes look longer

Avoid using too much – otherwise you run the risk of looking shiny rather than dewy in your pictures!


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