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7 things no Mother of the Bride should ever say


7 things no Mother of the Bride should ever say

Every mother of the bride wants to help her daughter have the most amazing wedding day ever. But sometimes that enthusiasm spills over into unwanted comments. Here are the worst things are mother of the bride can say in the run up to your wedding day…

1. “No self-respecting bride would get married in a barn”
Weddings have changed a lot since your mum’s wedding day, so some new ideas may seem very odd to her. Don’t be discouraged though – you can get married wherever you want and as soon as she sees it, she’ll love it too.

2. “I’m wearing white too!”
The mother of the bride should never wear white, ivory of champagne or anything that may make her upstage the bride.

3. “I’ve invited Peg and Keith from down the road”
The mother of the bride should always ask the bride and groom before inviting extra guests. It also helps if you make it clear that it’s not her wedding, but yours and therefore your friends should take priority (although if she’s helping with finances you might want to consider inviting them!).”

4. “The groom’s mother hasn’t done much has she?”
Bad-mouthing the groom or any of his family is a big no-no.

5. “But you can’t wear a strapless dress in a church!”
You can wear whatever you want, as long as you feel fantastic in it.

6. “ I really think your cousin Beverley should be a bridesmaid”
Choosing bridesmaids is a job for the bride and the bride alone. Don’t feel pressured into having anyone you’re not comfortable with as you’ll need them to be calm and supportive on your wedding morning.

7. “So what else do we need to do for our wedding?”
It is not our wedding. The wedding belongs to the bride and groom, if your mum forgets that maybe just politely remind her!

If in doubt point your mum towards these handy phrases…
Things every mother of the bride should say:

1. “You look beautiful”
2. “What can I help with?”
3. “It’ll all be fine”

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