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4th July

You don’t have to be American to enjoy the 4th July.  How about an American themed wedding??

Hope you all like red, white and blue!

Lets start with the stationary – go full on 4th July or a bit more subtle red and white with maybe some stripes

striped blue stationery 7000b23d-f4e4-7d56-e682-8c598f96102d-rs_729 100d6948-124d-11e4-843f-22000aa61a3e-rs_729 unitedwestand-styled-14 Red-White-Blue-Wedding-Invitations-via-Oh-So-Beautiful-Paper-Pink-Piggy-Design-Kate-Osborne-Photography-2 enhanced-31783-1436026496-1


How about the more rustic look? just blue and white? nautical stripes? or a bright red, white and blue brooch bouquet?

nautical bouquets 4c230c58-ada6-decd-fe58-eebebec39f54-rs_729 rustic feel c0c5a9b8-766e-c599-bf75-6d396cf40ada-rs_729 RED-WHITE-BLUE-patriotic-JULY-MILITARY-Bridal-Brooch-_57-900x675



Be subtle and have mainly white with a hint of red and blue or full on patriotism?

93d0dfc2495dcd144226c3f6b6d2371c 4c2ea188-724a-2b42-ef09-c7d69d3c6792-rs_729 419fb860-b839-1910-d20c-e6221e56a88d-rs_729 Patriotic-Red-White-Blue-Wedding-Menu-A-Milestone-Paper-Co-Laura-Ivanova-Photography

Food and Drink

Red cocktails with blue and white striped straws

Or just champagne with red, white and blue glasses?

Either way they all look yummy!

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I love the idea of mini burgers and fries as part of the wedding party food.

Even more though is the hot dog bar – I want one for every party

american hot dog bar burgers and fries

A patriotic berry parfait anyone?

berry parfaits

I just want to own all of these shoes……………


7f445b65577fe10909731975a1eba73c 0f722de8-124d-11e4-843f-22000aa61a3e-rs_729 fc56acf7-f769-c879-893f-a7752d603414-rs_729

Cakes – there are some very US of A ones here and then a fab naked red velvet cake which looks stunning

1b255ce809ce0682c4ce3cbf24ed100f 0ca4cc6b251f58931f978f30da90fc46 7ffe0ebc8c93e3735bc15b2cf2cb40cc 4d3bf628-4120-4b23-b6fb-e24a61a9b84e-rs_768 7d514894-bf81-fffd-761a-d7254c816f35-rs_729 b31a8b4f142403b5fc3a77c069a87657


Star spangled wedding dress? socks? red or blue bridesmaids dresses – you decide


"Brookside County Club Wedding Columbus Ohio

red white and blue only in texas f09b8e113fbe68ada96f18147acbfb39 1ee722d7a92d99bdbc1e32faac08fb09 patriotic formalwear flowergirl and ringbearer 511de7ef-74fa-c8a9-fe6c-8134c9819ac1-rs_729 6522afac-87a2-153b-d60a-976f5550f5ea-rs_729 4e49e3bd-9dbe-9cf9-25f7-735b015a537a-rs_729 d3b1bb66a154ae6fd8c02368dbd58e0e enhanced-10285-1436026893-7


No 4th July wedding could happen without sparklers or fireworks


no 4th july wedding could happen without sparklers 0c10cd96-3e71-45ee-8b6f-26074956fa7a-rs_768


Happy 4th July to all my US friends in the UK and across the pond – here is a video just for you all


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